Holy Week with Kids

As a family, we do a Jesse Tree for Advent, and I’ve wanted to develop some traditions for our children around Resurrection Sunday. I like doing “spring baskets” full of goodies, coloring eggs, and hunting for hidden eggs, but I don’t want these to be the extent of our celebrations this time of year. (And I like to do those things on a different day than Resurrection Sunday… last year we did all of the “secular” traditions the Saturday before Easter.)

Noel Piper has written a devotional called Lenten Lights, that we are going to use this week during our family devotions. I found a seven-candle-holder at IKEA this week, and it’s perfect for using with Lenten Lights!

Tonight we will begin with seven candles lit, and read the first devotional. At the end of the reading, one of the candles will be snuffed out to symbolize the Light of the World growing dimmer. Each night one more candle will be extinguished until all the candles are dark on Good Friday– when the Light of the World was “snuffed out”. The candles will all be relit on Resurrection Sunday when the Light was back! What a great visual for children as we learn about Christ’s death and resurrection!

What do you do this time of year to teach your children about Easter?


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