Happy Birthday to Me {How to Reflect Upon Another Year}

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Today is my birthday.

In youth, as one birthday ends and the year stretches out endlessly before us, we wish time would pick up the ticking pace. We want to reach sixteen and a driver’s license. We want to hit eighteen and graduation. We want to become twenty-one, and be an “adult”. As the birthdays start whizzing by, closer and closer together, we wish we could put on the brakes– at least slow the ride down some.

Today I’m 28. It feels so young and so old all at the same time. As I realize that I won’t have forever on this earth, that my days are passing and I’ll never get them back again, I want to make each day– and each new year count.

Today, I’m reflecting in prayer on the past year, and making plans for the next one. Asking the Lord to show me where I need to grow and where I need His help to improve. Thanking Him for a year full of joys and blessings. And maybe on your next birthday, you should too.

  • What was the event/day/happening/situation that brought me the most joy this past year?
  • What was the hardest challenge I had to face this year? How did I do?
  • Where do I see growth in myself since my last birthday?
  • In what areas am I struggling the most? Do I need to ask for help?
  • If I had to describe my year in one short sentence, what would it be?
  • What do I hope to accomplish this next year?
  • Where do I want to be on my next birthday? Physically? spiritually? emotionally? relationally?
  • What small changes do I want to make to my daily life?

So, happy birthday to me. And here’s to a great 28th year!


Author: Sheila Stover

I'm a grace-loving, coffee-guzzling, overseas-living wife, mom, home school teacher and I process it all through writing when I can!

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