Having a Newborn (Again)

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I’ve been soaking in the long, tedious, sweet-smelling, snuggly, sleep-deprived days of having a newborn.  As I hold and feed and change Doodlebug, I have a hard time believing my other Bugs were this small.  This helpless.  This sleepy.

Oh, these days pass in a blur!

Having been here twice before, I know all too well that soon he’ll be smiling, cooing, sitting, standing, cruising, walking, talking, running, jumping… I know how much I’ll miss waking up at night to feed him.  How much I’ll miss his sweet smell as the yumminess of soft newborn scent is replaced by an interesting sweaty boy smell.

I’m reminded of a saying I’ve heard about motherhood more than once– the days pass slow, but the years go fast.

Even though I’m busy tending a newborn (OK, OK who am I kidding, he still sleeps most of the time!) I’ve been convicted of not maximizing my days as a mom.  Sure, everyone has a clean diaper on (for most of the day), everyone gets fed a variety of healthy meals and snacks, and the house gets (mostly) picked up every day, but am I purposefully and intentionally parenting to the glory of God?

It’s so easy to get sucked into the dailyness of being a wife and mother that often we look back and a year has passed.  Or ten.  Or twenty.

I ache at the thought that I could wake up one morning in my empty nest and mourn the years that I let slip by in a frenzy of diapers and goldfish and Elmo.  What am I doing today that will matter then?

It’s true that I am building a sense of security in my children.  I’m making a home in which they feel safe, and comforted, and loved.  I sing with them and count with them and practice letters and colors with them.  But recently we started having family devotions after dinner each evening.  My husband leads and right now we’re just figuring out how we want this time to look, but it is being set aside as sacred time.  No toys come.  No TV shows are on.  Everyone sits on the couch and my husband teaches from the Word.  And we pray together as a family.

There isn’t a magic formula for family devotions.  There’s no perfect way to do it.  But this time together as a family in the Word and in prayer is priceless.  In our children are being implanted truths that will live past today.  Truths that will equip them to battle sin and live righteously.  Truths that will point them to Christ.  Truths that will save.

How are you parenting to the glory of God today?

Some of our favorite resources for family devotions:

Some ideas for family devotion times:

  • Bible or Bible Story reading
  • Verse Memorization
  • Catechism Review
  • Singing Worship Songs
  • Prayer
  • Advent Readings/Jesse Tree (during December)



Author: Sheila Stover

I'm a grace-loving, coffee-guzzling, overseas-living wife, mom, home school teacher and I process it all through writing when I can!

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