Quick Tip: Outside Pictures

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Do you find yourself unhappy with the pictures you take of your children?  Now that spring is arriving, grab your camera and head outside!

Natural light does a world of wonder for pictures!  You don’t need a professional camera to take great pictures, just by being outside you are helping your camera out immensely!  Find an interesting backdrop– a farm, a lake or creek, or the flower garden in your own backyard, and start snapping!

  • Try to take pictures outside before 10am or after 4pm, the sun is not directly overhead, giving you better, softer light, and hopefully no glare in your subjects’ eyes!
  • Cloudy and overcast days are excellent for taking pictures.  No shadows on faces, no sunlight in eyes, and it’s not too hot!
  • Watch the background– make sure there’s not a tree limb or bush sticking out behind your child’s head.  (Distracting backgrounds can ruin a great picture!)

What a gift our children are, and our pictures are such treasures of these quickly passing childhood days! Happy outside picture-taking!


Author: Sheila Stover

I'm a grace-loving, coffee-guzzling, overseas-living wife, mom, home school teacher and I process it all through writing when I can!

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